Just starting out…

February 7, 2009

Oh boy, I finally started a blog.  I figured it was time.  In my 6 months as a full-time web developer I have read quite a bit of other developer’s blogs that I thought I should start blogging about the stuff I do.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up helping out a fellow code jockey one day, or at the very least providing a little entertainment.


I suppose I’ll make this first blurb about myself, seeing as how (hopefully) the majority of people reading this don’t know me personally (and you want to know about me right?  I mean, I’m not just some slutty piece of blog meat to you am I?).  I work full-time as a web developer for an online marketing agency in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  I absolutely love what I do.  Call me corny, but I truely enjoy programming.  I enjoy the process.  I enjoy being able to take an idea and bring it to life, especially an idea that I know people are going to use.  I’ve been messing around with programming and web development since my freshman year of high school.  I didn’t really get serious about it until medial complications forced me to defer my plans of going into the Air Force to community college.  At first I didn’t know what to do, but the more I got involved with programming and development the more I grew to like it.  Eventually, I entered my college’s E-Business program, which combined business with classes in technology and development.  It was awesome.


It was there I got my first job as a developer.  It was an internship in Medina for a company called RPM.  It was an awesome experience for me.  I went into the job knowing syntax and being familiar with various technologies such as HTML and SQL and server-side programming, but that job was where I learned to bring it all together.  I graduated in June 2008 and left RPM that August.  I started my job in Cuyahoga Falls and have been there ever since.


I was brought on primarily as a front-end developer, which, to be honest, wasn’t really my strongest point at the time.  The company I work for deals mostly with online marketing, and has pretty intricate designs on pages.  I quickly got pretty handy with a floating div (pretty much all work at my prior job was table-based) and really enjoy what I’m doing.  Of course, I also fancy the back-end side of things, and try to get my hands dirty with it whenever I can.  Most all our sites are .NET, which I wasn’t too familiar with prior to starting.  After messing with it for 6 months I am warming up to it more and more.  


Well, I’m sure if you made it this far you’ll agree that’s quite enough of my life story, but I thought it would be rather fitting for a first blog.  I do have a lot of technical stuff I intend to write about here.  Mostly I want to write about my accomplishments, trials, and overall adventures as a developer.  I can’t wait to begin sharing what I’ve learned with the world.  Some of the stuff I intend to write about are:

  • Coding for HTML emails (its actually more tricky than you’d think)
  • jQuery (and why I think it goes great with everything, even ice cream)
  •  ASP.NET (there will be a few of these, as I’d like to write a little something whenever I learn something significant)
  • IE6 (why I, along with the rest of the developer community at large, absolutely despise it)
  • ASPDotNetStoreFront (get ready for a rant)
  • PHP (I don’t do anything with it at work, but it’s what I grew up on and I still use it for anything I do on the side)
  • CSS (best practices, stuff I’ve tried, that kind of thing)
  • Many many more

I’m going to try to do one of these a week, but as my protruding gut will tell you, I’m not the greatest at beginning something and sticking with it.  Well that’s about all I have for now.  Hopefully you’re entertained enough to keep up with me.