I just made this for when I come across stuff that I want to write about but don’t have the time

  • jQuery (and why I think it goes great with everything, even ice cream)
  • ASP.NET (there will be a few of these, as I’d like to write a little something whenever I learn something significant)
  • Some of the best ways to work around IE6 insanity
  • ASPDotNetStoreFront (get ready for a rant)
  • PHP (I don’t do anything with it at work, but it’s what I grew up on and I still use it for anything I do on the side)
  • CSS (best practices, stuff I’ve tried, that kind of thing)
  • Coding for HTML emails (its actually more tricky than you’d think)
  • Current freelance job I’m working on (perhaps thoughts on the entire process)
  • MVC Frameworks (Why I love it, but also why there’s a time and a place for it)
  • Really interesting project I just finished up at work
  • Making the transition from Classic ASP to .NET

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